About the Grant

Texas A&M University is known for its emphasis on high academic standards, integrity, leadership, and service to community, both during and after student years. TAMU is also known for encouraging its students to take advantage of opportunities that broaden their horizons.

The Globetrotter Grant is such an opportunity. Its purpose is to encourage international understanding through travel. The grant funds are intended to help college students experience landscapes, languages, food and drink, government types, and economic and social policies different from those in the United States.

Some applicants will want to see how others live or serve those in need; others will want to explore career fields or just set out on a great personal adventure. There are no restrictions on the reasons for travel.

However, the Globetrotter Grant is designed for an adventurous individual whose plans are not limited simply to study abroad.

The $2,000 award is meant to supplement a planned trip to any country outside the United States. The money may be used for transportation to and from the destination, travel within the country(ies) visited, or for incidentals or indulgences that add to the pleasure of the trip or to the memories of it.

Be sure to check out the proposals and trip reports from previous winners when you are ready to apply for the grant.

Thanks for your interest in the Globetrotter Grant, and best of luck.


The Globetrotter Grant Board

Note: Globetrotter Grants were awarded at Mount St. Mary’s College/University from 2009 through 2015. The program ended there with the 2015 grant.