Globetrotter Grant Board – TAMU

Peggy Amante, Mount St. Mary’s College, 1956, and tu, 1975, (and your BENEFACTOR!!). Also mother of board members Patrick and Stephen, and mother-in-law of board member Sharise – Travel Highlights

Patrick Amante, TAMU, 1986 – Travel Highlights

Sharise Amante, TAMU, 1986 – Travel Highlights

Stephen Amante, Santa Clara University, 1985, but TAMU for one semester – Travel Highlights

Bryan Griggs, TAMU, 1985 – Travel Highlights

John Murphy, TAMU, 1986 – Travel Highlights

Eric Scroggin, TAMU, 1986

Martha Skender, University of Notre Dame, 1983, and University of Texas School of Public Health, 1988

Andy Slavin, TAMU, 1985 and 1989 – Travel Highlights