Kenza Banoza – Austria (2009) †

My father is the person that influenced my decision in taking this opportunity to study abroad in Salzburg, Austria the most. Though a native to the Baltic country of Bosnia, he grew up in Vienna, Austria where he left his family to pursue life in America when he was 21 years old. He has always described to me how different life is in Europe and though I have made several visits there throughout my adolescence, I feel that the cultural and educational experiences would be most beneficial to me now, as I am old enough to embrace the things that I will encounter and learn.

Along with visiting family and experiencing a new culture I would love to take this opportunity to learn to speak German fluently. As an English major I have a great interest in language and breaking the barrier that it creates between people and within the thought process. I would also love to be able to communicate with my family better!

The classes in the field of Art History that the University of Salzburg provide are also quite intriguing to me as I am seeking to complete the requirements for a minor in this subject. I feel that studying this topic in Europe, with its plethora of art and historical reference, would be an experience unlike any I could attain at school in the United States.

I plan on leaving for Salzburg in the fall of 2009 and remaining there until July 2010. Though AIFS offers a flight back to the United States at the close of the fall semester and a return flight without additional charge so that the student may spend their winter break at home, I plan to decline the offer and spend my break with family in Vienna. I also hope to spend part of the summer following the spring semester in Croatia where I have family to visit as well.

My trip’s tentative cost is $30,000 and I hope to attain at least another $7,000 for expenses that the study abroad program does not provide for.  I am currently receiving about $25,000 in grants and $8,500 in loans and I expect to carry this same amount over during my year abroad. This leaves me with a $3,300 deficit from what I should require for my trip.

Receiving the Globetrotter Grant will enable me to make the most out of my trip in Austria. With the extra money I plan to travel to different countries in Europe and experience the plethora of cultures that it offers. I especially would like to visit the different art museums and historical monuments that scatter the area.

This grant is also quite appealing to me because I will certainly be documenting my visit extensively and would love to share it with your foundation to encourage other students to make such plans. I know that my endeavors will be worthwhile and feel that others should consider taking this opportunity as well.

I would like to thank you for fostering this amazing chance for myself and for other students to study abroad. For the purposes of experiencing a new culture,learning a new language and studying Art History at a location that is rich in the topic, I believe that studying in Salzburg would be an optimal course to take in my life. So again, thank you for this opportunity and for considering me to take it.

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