Monica Ramirez – Egypt (2010) †

Initially my interest in applying for this grant was for two trips. One is for a Washington D.C program for the fall of 2010 and the other reason is that I will be taking a trip to Cairo, Egypt this June. My tickets are already booked and so is the hostel that I will be staying at. I will be going with my sister on this 2 week excursion of Cairo because this was a decision that we made together. We were sitting in the car one day debating what we were going to do with our refund checks from school and we randomly decided on this trip. Together we saved about 4000 dollars and we had two options, which were to buy a car because mine is so old that it may brake down any minute and the other was that we take a trip. We decided on Egypt and as the money came in we put it in our savings and refused to touch it and whatever it was that we did have to use from that money we made sure that we put it back. The only times that we allowed ourselves to use this money was for emergencies, otherwise we were willing to live very moderately and considering our ages that is a hard thing to do. Aside from saving this money I also work so when I received my tips or my paychecks I always tried to put more money in the savings to make up for whatever it is we used. In addition this was a way to have more money in the savings anyway.

About a year ago I returned from studying abroad in Italy and after having that amazing experience I decided that I was made for the winds. My first plane ride was at the age of 20, when I randomly decided to take the incentive and made the choice to study abroad. The flight was about 11 hours long and it was to Gatwick, London. Being that I was a beginner in the airs I thought that it would be worse but I fell in love with travel. There was something in my soul that felt complete. I had always had fears of flying but this was unlike anything I had pictured or even imagined. After London they took us to Italy where I studied and made it a point to go to 3 other countries and Sicily, which were all amazing. In the end I had set foot in 12 new cities. All this travel just fueled the fire in me for travel, the fire that lit up when I first left Los Angeles, when I made the decision that there was no looking back.

Here I am today instilling this very same fire in my sister by planning this great trip to Egypt. As I said I already booked the tickets and the hostel. We leave June 14th and return June 29th. I am also working on our itinerary for our excursions. There is so much that we want to do that I am planning our days for specific areas and activities in Cairo. For example one day we want to take a boat ride down the Nile and ride a camel and the next we want to do the Land of the Pharaohs.We are also going to make it a point to see the pyramids and the Sphinx and any museums or bazaars that are well known. I am still researching prices and the currency because I know that it will rise when we get there because it is peak season. The approach that we are taking is one of adventure and passion for a new experience. Despite the fact that our tickets are booked it all seems so surreal, but June will come fast and soon we will be on our way.

At the moment we have about $1500 left for this trip and despite the fact that the currency is cheap we still have our fears because we want emergency money, being that we will be so far away from home. We still have to buy conservative clothing because we are considering the fact that Egypt is a muslim country. These small preparations will cost us more money and it is slow times at my job so money may run slightly short. Because of these factors I am applying for this grant. I want to have a great experience with my sister and show her how amazing travel is, instead of traveling with the fear of possibly running short on money. Being short on money may not necessarily mean misspending, but because I have traveled I know what can happen. People lose things or get mugged if they are careless, so I would like to have that comfort should such an unfortunate event happen. Another reason that this grant would be great is because maybe we could use it to go to the city of Luxor and see more sites or even travel to another nearby country. I know that tickets are cheap once you get there and if we could see another country that would be amazing.

My intentions for this grant are solely for us to have this great adventure that we are so anxious to have already. I think I deserve it because I will be using it for me and my sister. This is not some selfish expedition, it is for both of us. This will be for me to show her what travel is and how it enhances the exploring spirit. I feel that this trip will be amazing for both if us because we will grow together through this great adventure. This grant will not only help the fire in me but will help ignite the one in my sister that I know is somewhere in there. Looking at the whole picture I deserve this grant because it will be the perfect way to live, love, laugh and explore this wonderful country and what better person to live this surreal experience than with my sister.

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