Vernice Grajeda – Spain (2010) †

My mother and my language professor have influenced me the most in making the decision to travel abroad this coming summer. My mother has always believed in experiencing the world through travel, when she was around my age, my mother had traveled to many different countries and gained a new found independence and a better understanding of the many cultures she encountered. My trip this summer takes me to Spain, more specifically Barcelona. Last semester I took a course of the history and civilization of Spain, this not only awakened the longing to go to a country full of history and cultural diversity but it awakened the spirit to travel to a country that was the homeland to my ancestors.

Traveling to Spain not only has a personal aspect attached to it but an educational one as well. Along with visiting the communities where my family was originally from I plan to work on my Spanish senior thesis. Spain holds so much history and influence from so many diverse cultures that it would be the perfect location to research my topics. As a double major In Political Science and Spanish, language and history mean everything to me and by taking part in the language immersion program I know that I will be able to walk away with a new found knowledge of not only my family history but a new found knowledge of the history and culture of a country that means so much.

My trip to the language immersion program in Barcelona begins this coming June and runs for eight weeks. During my stay in Europe I plan on not only traveling throughout Spain but I also plan on traveling to the neighboring countries such as: Portugal, Morocco, France and Italy. I want to be able to get as much out of my trip as I possibly can because an opportunity to gain not only independence but a better understanding of cultural diversity does not come around often.

The cost of the eight week language immersion program in Barcelona is $4000.00. The price includes the program, room and board with a family and round trip airfare. I would like to obtain an addition $2000.00 for the expenses that are not included in the program fee such as books, transportation to and from neighboring countries and transportation to and from the various Spanish Autonomous Communities which I would like to visit. The additional funds would be used for traveling and research purposes.

Receiving the Globetrotter Grant would not only allow me the opportunity to broaden my horizons but it wouldallow me to connect to the history that I have only to this day read and learned about through professors and family.

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