Julia Stearns – Israel, Austria, Czech Republic, & Poland (2013) †

I would like to take a trip this summer to Israel, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland with a very close friend.

I have several contacts in Europe who will allow me to see the variety of cultures and monuments, which would give me insight and knowledge which would be a wonderful complement to the education I am receiving at Mount St. Mary’s College. We are potentially planning to visit my friend’s family in Haifa, Israel for two weeks, during which time we will take a trip to Jerusalem to visit the Holy City. She believes in Judaism and I in Christianity, so this part of the trip would be particularly important to both of us. I hope to see the Wailing Wall and visit Mount of Olives, where Jesus was buried in His tomb, which is across from Mount Moriah where Isaac was almost sacrificed by Abraham. While I am a Biological Sciences major, I do take an interest in the history of my faith. Therefore, I believe this trip to Jerusalem would be fascinating and enlightening. After visiting Haifa and Jerusalem, I would like to visit Acre in the very north of Israel, on the Lebanese border. This ancient city is known as an old marketplace and is an interesting attraction we hope to visit.

Next on our trip will be Vienna, Austria. As a very modern city, Vienna will be a drastic contrast from the ancient, sand colored lands and buildings of Israel. We would like to see the Schloss Schonbrunn in downtown Vienna for one day, and the quaint, cultural heurigen in the outskirts. A classic Viennese attraction, these small tavern-like restaurants are covered in vines and serve their own home-made food. I’d love to visit here, as it is a main attraction in Vienna.

Next I would hope to see Prague for approximately 5 or 6 days. Prague is an incredibly old city that is wonderful for young students to visit. We will visit the main Prague Castle, the old town quarter (always the most interesting of any city), the famous Charles Bridge, and hopefully some sort of musical performance. When my sister visited Prague last year, she told me of the restaurants always having a live band to entertain the guests. Apparently, it’s quite a unique experience and she enjoyed it tremendously. I hope to have similar memories and fun times to the ones she had. Prague is a large change from the proper air of Vienna; as the birthplace of the bohemian movement, Prague is a culmination of expression, eclecticism, and fun. This contrast will be particularly interesting and the two experiences will bode well for a variety of  culture exposure.

Lastly, I would like to visit Poland, where my Mother’s roots are. I have a 95-year-old grandfather who lives in a small town in southwestern Poland. I’ve been lucky enough to visit him a few times in my life, which is why I can speak Polish. This will come in handy when I visit with my American friend, who speaks perhaps a single word of Polish (a simple greeting she’d picked up from being around my family for the past 15 years). We hope to visit a few castles in the surrounding larger towns, and visit the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Warsaw is a huge cultural center for Poland, and it has a great deal of history as well for not only Poland, but for all of Europe.

Our proposed trip dates and flight expenses are as follows:

May 21 – fly to Tel Aviv (Israel) (approx. $949)

  • Stay in Tel Aviv – expenses estimated: $400
  • 2 Night Stay in Jerusalem – expenses estimated: $300

Jun 8 – fly from Tel Aviv to Vienna (Austria) (approx. $450)

  • Stay in Vienna – expenses estimated: $400

Jun 11 – train from Vienna to Prague (Czech) (approx. $150)

  • Stay in Prague – expenses estimated: $250

Jun 16 – bus from Prague to Wroclaw (Poland) (approx. $75)

  • Stay in Poland – expenses estimated: $400

July 19 – fly Home (USA) (approx. $1090)

Total cost of flights & transportation (approx.) $ 2,714
Total cost of other expenses $1,750
Total cost overall of trip (estimated) $4,464

Receiving the Globetrotter Grant would contribute immensely to my trip. I am supported by my mother who is a Pre-School teacher, and I also work part-time at UCLA in the hospital as a secretary. Unfortunately, our combined incomes will not be sufficient to support this trip. This grant would allow me to embark on this life-changing experience, which I would not be able to do without extra financial assistance. Thank you kindly for considering me when reviewing all of the applicants.

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